Jack Daniels (Inspired) Brownies


This recipe for Jack Daniels Brownies is to me the definition of what dessert-porn is.
I can't think of anything more dessert-sultry chewy oozing chocolate than this recipe for brownies.

The Recipe for Jack Daniels (Inspired) Brownies

Jack Daniels (Inspired) Brownies

I love that this recipe is so delicious yet, so easy to make.

This Recipe for Jack Daniels (Inspired) Brownies could be the ultimate is what a delicious chocolate dessert with a bit of kick should be.

I am always experimenting in the kitchen.
I must admit, this is something that I like to do.
Sometimes, I can be successful with my experiments in the kitchen. Other times, I can be extremely successful in the kitchen with my experiments. This brownie with Jack Daniels added to it, is one example of an extremely successful kitchen experiment.

They tell me that the actual 'booze' in this will burn off.
What should be left in the baked brownie is that Jack Daniel's whiskey kind of taste to complement the chocolate.
Still, I would probably not recommend this be baked for consumption for minors. I personally would not share them with many people as it is.

Jack Daniels (Inspired) Brownies

What do you serve this Recipe for Jack Daniels (Inspired) Brownies with?
I am a whipped cream person. Vanilla ice cream would also be a good choice. However, these brownies are just fine by themselves.
Feel free to sub in the sugar and chocolate chips for sugarfree versions if needed.

Jack Daniels (Inspired) Brownies

Jack Daniels (Inspired) Brownies


Delicious chocolate brownies with a bit of a kick in them. (This recipe is not affiliated with the folks at Jack Daniels)


- 1. CHEAT- one box of brownie mix OR 2-6 below;

- 2. Flour 3/4 cup

- 3.Baking Soda- 1/2 tsp

- 4.Salt- 1/4 tsp

- 5. Sugar- (or alternative equivalent)- 1/4 cup

- 6. Powdered cocoa- 2 tablespoons

- 7. Jack Daniels- 1 cup

- 8. Eggs- 2

- 9. Oil, such as vegetable oil- 2 tablespoons

- 10.-Chocolate Chips- 1 6 ounce package



- 1.If using the cheat- a boxed brownie mix, prepare as directed only, sub in the Jack Daniels for the water and make the eggs added your 2 eggs from this recipe. (only add 2 eggs total.

- 2. From scratch, sift together your 2,3 & 4 ingredients listed above. Stir in your sugar cocoa, eggs, and Jack Daniels.

- 3. Add your remaining ingredients- oil and chocolate chips.

- 4. Bake for 25-30 minutes in a prepped square pan at 350. I like my brownies chewy. These brownies will be chewy as they have the chips added. If you are seeking a dryer brownie, omit the chocolate chips from your recipe.
Prep time:

Cook time:

Total time:


Enjoy these wonderful brownies!!!
This recipe has no actual affiliation with Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniels (Inspired) Brownies
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  1. Ive never tried Jack Daniels brownies but I do love brownies. I may try these.

  2. Cheers! Never would have thought of this :)

  3. You had me at Jack Daniels. Oh do they sound good.




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