5 Ingredient Skillet Pizza


Not all pizzas have to be made on pizza pan or a stone.
Some really tasty pizzas can actually be made right on a stove.

5 Ingredient Skillet Pizza

5 Ingredient Skillet Pizza

I am a fan of my cast iron skillet.
Everything that I make in my skillet turns out amazing. What I love is that my cast iron skillet cooks my food evenly throughout. I also love that I can take my cast iron skillet from stove top to oven with little problem. Probably the best feature about my cast iron skillet is that it is relatively inexpensive and reliable for that price.

Using a cast iron skillet can really up my game when it comes to preparing food. One of my favorite meals to create in my skillet is pizza

I use my cast iron skillet to make a lot of great food.
Desserts come out of the oven tasting so good when I use my cast iron skillet.
Pizza comes out especially good in my cast iron skillet.

I can not remember the last time that I actually paid for someone else to make me a pizza.
That is because making my own pizza is not so hard to do. My friends and family think that my pizza tastes at least as good as the expensive stuff.

When I make pizza at home, I like to experiment with different ways of making that pizza.
Skillet pizza is one way to make a great pizza.

The good thing about making this 5 ingredient skillet pizza is that it does not have to be hard to do.
You can easily go to the store and pick up a pre-made pizza dough. I always make extra pizza dough just to set some aside to use later. Then, when we want a quick pizza we already have the dough ready to go.

This pizza has five ingredients.
There is the dough, the sauce and the cheese that you would find on any pizza. Oil is used to keep the dough from sticking to the pan. Lastly, the fifth ingredient would be the topping(s) that you choose to put on the pizza. "Topping" is a general catch-all for whatever ingredient(s) you use to personalize your creation. We all have personal tastes when it comes to toppings so, you are welcome to use what you like as far as toppings go. You can even omit the toppings and still have a great pizza.

5 Ingredient Skillet Pizza

What kind of toppings to you like on your pizza?

Lately, I have been fond of the vegetable toppings such as diced tomatoes and garlic.I do like to experiment with other vegetables such as spinach or peppers.

5 Ingredient Skillet Pizza

5 Ingredient Skillet Pizza


An easy idea for a meal that most everyone can agree on.


- 1.Premade pizza dough- 1 pound, can use store-bought or homemade.

- 2. Olive or other oil- 2 teaspoons

- 3.Pizza sauce- 8-9 ounce can

- 4. Shredded cheese- 1 1/2 cups Mozzarella, Jack- Colby blend or your choice.

- 5. Toppings as desired.


- 1. Roll out your pizza dough that has been prepared as indicated on the package. Tip: I roll mine out on parchment paper to make the transfer a snap! Sprinkle flour while rolling out the dough as needed to prevent any sticking.

- 2. Preheat your skillet on medium head. You skillet should be one that can fit a lid and able to use in an oven if needed (lid will not go into oven).

- 3. When skillet with oil is warm, transfer your rolled out dough to the skillet. This is where the parchment paper can make your life easier/

- 4. When bubbles begin to form in the dough you can settle them down or allow them to stay. After about five minutes, the dough underside will show signs of hardening. At this point, flip the pizza over.

- 5. Add your sauce and toppings, cover and allow to cook until the cheese begins to brown- about 8-10 minutes.

- 6. To crispen the pizza, stick the skillet into a warm oven for a few minutes.
Prep time:

Cook time:

Total time:

Yield: 2 10" pizzas

5 Ingredient Skillet Pizza
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  1. Looks good

    I need a skillet like that !

    Great post

  2. Can't wait to try this. I hate frozen pizzas and making your own oven pizza is a hassle.

  3. Wow, this is SO cool! We have trouble using our oven (and it doesn't look it will repaired anytime soon). Frozen pizza is awful, it tastes like the cardboard it came in. Thank you for this, gonna load it up with mushrooms & onions. Pinned & planned. Mama Mia!



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