How to Make Your Own Italian Soda


I must say that one of my favorite beverages, that does not contain alcohol, contains fruit that has been added to a fizzy water.
It is nice when the fruit is real but, using a pre-made fruit syrup or similar item in a Sugar Free Italian Soda, can be really good too.

How to Make Your Own Italian Soda

How to Make Your Own Italian Soda

Sometimes, I like to refer to myself as an 'Itanlianwannabe'.

I like to think of myself as a 'self-made' Italian because I really enjoy so mush about Italy and Italians. The Italian diet specifically, with all of the healthy fruit, is something that I love. And all of that pasta and the pizza that American's have embraced are two more reasons to embrace what the Italian's have shared with us.

What exactly is Italian Soda -Sugar Free Italian Soda- anyway?

When the average person, like myself, who is not of Italian heritage, thinks about Italian Soda, we vision an Italian dinner table filled with delectable breads and fruit beside a sweaty glass filled with a bubbly fruit water.
The truth is, according to the internet, that Italian Soda is something that the American's have created. This reminds me of pizza which I am told was once referred to as a 'tomato pie'. The rumor has it that Italian immigrant couple added their Italian flavored syrups to carbonated water to make what we 'Italianwannabe's' would call Italian Soda.

Some folks like to add a bit of dairy to their Italian Soda-Sugar Free Italian Soda.
Half and half added to Italian Soda adds a bit of balance to the tart taste of the fruit and the bubbles of the water. To some, adding cream to Italian Soda makes it more like a 'French Soda'. This is an argument that I would walk away from as I just want to enjoy a tasty beverage.

How to Make Your Own Italian Soda

The Recipe for Homemade Italian Soda-Sugar Free Italian Soda

I am sharing more than one version of this Italian Soda recipe. One recipe is for the sugar free version as I am someone who prefers to avoid a lot of sweet beverages.

You need two basic ingredients to make an Italian Soda-Sugar Free Italian Soda. An optional third ingredient would be a cream, as described above.

  • Club Soda/sparkling water- 8 ounce per serving
  • Fruit syrup- 2 tablespoons per serving- or if you are really desperate, which I have been in the past, a single serving size packet of a to-go flavored beverage such as Crystal Lite (a hack I use all of the time...).
  • and of course, ice
  • Optional- a teaspoon of milk or cream

What kind of a fruit syrup should you use to make your Italian Soda-Sugar Free Italian Soda?

The standard fruit syrup is Torani Syrup


Which also comes in Sugar Free!

The more popular Italian Sodas it would seem come in the red fruits such as raspberry. I often enjoy lemon Italian Soda which totally breaks a few rules it would seem, keeping my status as an 'Italainwannabe' rather than the real thing.

Sugar Free Italian Soda
  • Yum

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  1. This looks so simple and easy. I do like the regular Torani syrups as they are made with pure sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.



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