American Style Spring Rolls


Spring rolls are those wonderful Asian appetizers that we enjoy.

Spring rolls feature a bit of rice along with shrimp, pork or chicken and a bit of vegetables.

American Style Spring Rolls

Super Easy American Style Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are an impressive and delicious appetizer that we can make at home.

What you put into your spring roll can be a personal thing.

The Asian method of making usually include rice vermicelli. Rice vermicelli is a thin form of rice (flour) noodles. Rice vermicelli is also used in stir fry recipes.

You will also need rice wrappers.

Rice wrappers are nearly translucent when we wrap our foods in them. Rice wrappers do not seem to add a whole lot of taste as they are really there to serve the purpose of holding the contents of the roll while giving us a sneak peek of what is inside.

The veggies that you use in a spring roll can vary.

What you will usually see in the Asian Spring Roll could be shredded carrots, mint, some kind of a lettuce green and a parsley such as cilantro. You could also use cucumber, bay leaves, and peppers.
American Style Spring Rolls
What can also differ in your spring roll is the kind of a sauce that you use.

You could use an Asian sauce such as a peanut sauce or hoison sauce. Since this is an 'American Style' version, you can use about any sauce that you have sitting around in your kitchen.

Perhaps what make these Spring Rolls American Style is the ability to vary what you put inside of your spring roll and what you dip it in.
American Style Spring Rolls

The Recipe

What you will need to make this:
  • Rice Vermicelli- 2 ounces prepared as directed. Find this at an Asian store or well stocked grocery store with an Asian food area.
  • Rice Wrappers- 8 that are 8 1/2 inches round. Find this at an Asian store or well stocked grocery store with an Asian food area or sub in a regular wrap if you are desperate.
  • If using Shrimp- cooked, clean, peeled, and cut in half-10 medium or 8 large. Can use chicken, pork, sliced chicken nuggets etc instead.
  • Green herbs- 6-7 tablespoons total, can include (Asian)basil, cilantro, mint, bay leaves etc. chopped
  • Lettuce leaves- about 2-3 per wrap.

How to make Spring Rolls

  • Warm 4 cups of water in a large pot or bowl. Do not boil.
  • Remove the water from heat. Dip each rice wrapper individually into the water for just a second and then lay the wrapper flat.
  • Starting with the lettuce leaves and then the shrimp, layer your ingredients in the middle of the wrap, leaving about 2" of the edge of the wrap free. You will need about 1/4 cup of vermicelli, 2 shrimp, and herbs as needed placed over this.
  • Fold the empty edges of the wrap in as you roll your wrap- kind of like a burrito.
  • Serve with your favorite dips.
American Style Spring Rolls
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  1. I would most definitely love to try the American Style Spring Rolls. I think it is an outstanding plate, of which I am trying later in the week.

  2. This looks really good! I never tried these before, and I love to try something new! :)



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