How to make a perfect bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich


When I was growing up, I had a brother who was always eating BLT sandwiches.

I could never figure out what he liked so much about a sandwich that featured a tomato as it's prize possession.

The Secrets Behind Making the Perfect BLT Sandwich

How to make the best BLT Sandwich

The bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich is somewhat an American classic.

The idea of the BLT sandwich seems to have it's roots somewhere early in the last century.

Folks were looking for something to eat with their afternoon tea and the idea of a sandwich seemed like a good idea.

The BLT is famous for it's four basic ingredients.

As the BLT stands for, the ingredients in this sandwich are bacon, lettuce and tomato. The fourth ingredient, of course, is the bread.

Things have evolved for the classic bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich. We are experirimenting with what you put on it, how we prepare it, and what we eat it with.

I remember back in the day when the blt sandwich included the four basic ingredients on toasted bread.

Things have evolved a bit for the classic BLT sandwich.
Today, we are adding extras to the sandwich, such as cheese. We are upping the bread beyond the standard toasted white bread. It is also standard to use mayonnaise, mustard, butter, or even peanut butter in our beloved BLT.

How to make the best BLT Sandwich

So, what makes the BLT sandwich perfect?

Naturally, what makes for the perfect BLT is a personal preference.
The kind of bread that you use can certainly make a difference in taste as does the kind of lettuce. While iceberg lettuce may have the prefect crunch, some folks enjoy the color of romaine or the added nutrients of a spinach leaf or two.

Mayonnaise is the biggest secret to the perfect BLT to some.

There are folks who swear by Hellman's mayonnaise. The mayonnaise preference probably has somethign to do with the mayonnaise adding some 'wet' to the otherwise, dry sandwich.

Do you want to save a few calories on your BLT or make it a bit 'healthier'?

Omit the bread and place your ingredients on a bed of lettuce and make a BLT sandwich. Substitute a low fat salad dressing for your mayonnaise. Use a turkey bacon rather than a pork bacon.

How to make the basic BLT sandwich.

It is all about proportions.

The single classic bacon lettuce, and tomato sandwich has:
4 slices of bacon:2 sliced of bread:2 leaves of lettuce:2 slices of tomato: 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise.

Then you can alternate and substitute items as mentioned above. You could even add a bit of seasoning, such as salt and pepper, before you enjoy this sandwich.

The Secrets Behind Making the Perfect BLT Sandwich
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  1. YUM! This sandwich looks amazing and I like that bread your using and also Hellmans's Mayonaise is the way to go. I think it makes everything taste better.

  2. BLT's are one of my favorite kinds of sandwich!

  3. Love BLT's with really good hearty bread not white bread

  4. That looks so delicious.! love BLTs.

  5. I love BLT's! All the ingredients have to be spot on to make a yummy BLT. But I guess, for me, the most important ingredient is the bacon. If the bacon's no good, then that would make me really sad.

  6. I don't mind a bacon sandwich, but I'm one of those people who can't stand the taste of a tomato. They taste like grass to me.

  7. looks really yummy bacon... thanks for sharing the recipe



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