This is not a burger.


At a recent office get together, one of my coworkers shared this delicious idea!

This is not a burger. It is a mint patty in between 2 Nilla wafers.

It looks like a mini burger right?
That's what made it so fun to look at.
It was also really good to eat although, I think it was just as fun to peel the layers apart to look at as it was to eat.

How was this made?
As I mentioned, the bun was made out of two wafer cookies.
Then there was a mint patty inserted between the wafers to form a burger. I suppose a mint cookie would work as well.

Like ketchup and mustard on your burger?

No problem.
Colored icing looks like the condiments. Pretty cool right?
  • Yum


  1. Super fun!! What awesome little snacks these would be at a cookout or a spongebob themes birthday party!!

  2. yeah, I though it was a burger, it's really attractive for children because it's look sweet and yummy, can I taste? hahaha..

  3. Cute and very easy to make, I like these kinds of no bake items.



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