My Low Carb Breakfast Pie #Recipe


We've been following the low-carb lifestyle around here this summer.

If anything, this diet keeps us away from eating too much ice cream, popcorn and others no-no's that seem to get us into trouble.

My Low Carb Breakfast Pie #Recipe

Naturally, you can make this regular carb by subbing in regular ingredients for the low carb specialty items that are mentioned.

What you will need to make this

I am using a glass pie plate which I have prepped for nonstick.

How to make it

  • Prep your pan for nonstick and preheat your oven for 375.

  • Create your crust by combining the baking mix, 2 tablespoons of milk, 2 eggs, and syrup in a bowl. Mix together until the mix is no longer sticky or too dry to manipulate. You may need to add a bit more mix (tsp at a time) or milk (tsp at a time) to get there.

  • When you are able to form a ball with your mix, set aside a third of it. With the 2/3rd remaining mix, press the mix into your pan until it resembles a pie crust. Any excess crust should be added to the mix that you have set aside.
  • Line your pie crust with your sliced cheese and then place your sausage over it. If you are adding spinach, place it over the sausage.

  • In a new bowl, combine your remaining eggs and milk. Mix together- I actually used my Vitamix blender for this.

  • Pour your egg mix over the items in your pit plate.

  • Roll your remaining crust mix out as flat as possible. Use what you can to keep it from sticking- use a dusting of flour, mix etc what every you prefer.

  • Place your rolled out crust over the pie plate. This doesn't have to be perfect. You can use strips, patches or pieces. You will sprinkle your remaining cheese over this and that will cover your 'rough' areas.

  • Bake for 40 minutes or until your pie starts to brown or a knife or toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean. Most likely, the outer parts of the crust will brown a bit more than the middle but, since we are dealing with eggs, you want to make sure that your eggs are done everywhere.

  • Allow this to sit for a few minutes before serving.

We actually enjoy this for dinner and then leftovers the next day for breakfast. You can vary the filling to your needs- you don't have to use sausage etc.


  • Yum


  1. My husband is trying to cut down on carbs too.

  2. This sounds so delicious.It's kind of like a quiche with a new twist to it and less carbs.I think it will be amazing.Thank you so much for posting this.

  3. Yummy! Not sure how I'd feel about the syrup but definitely worth a try. Yay for low carb! Isn't turkey sausage soooo good?

  4. Breakfast pie/pizza/pockets have always been a favorite of mine, thanks for another (and low carb too!?) to try.

  5. Love anything love carb and high protein for breakfast!! Nobody should be weighed down in the morning!! Will definitely be trying this!



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