The Frozen Skinny Margarita for Regular Gals


I received a Ninja blender a couple of weeks ago and have been dying to try it out.

I was thumbing through some recipes and I found an interesting margarita recipe that I could make for some friends who were heading on over for a 'girls night'. My friends are kind of picky about what goes into a drink so I tweaked the recipe a bit.

The Frozen Skinny Margarita for Regular Gals

There are a lot of 'skinny margarita' recipes out there and I am grateful for that. There is just way too much sugar in the average margarita and nobody needs that. A margarita with sugar can up the calories to around 500 or even more! Yikes! That would certainly send my blood sugar in a tailspin.

So I came up with this recipe idea for a frozen margarita that my friends would enjoy

The recipe calls for your choice of a mixer. I use a sugar-free mixer called Baja Bob's Margarita Mix

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The Frozen Skinny Margarita for Regular Gals
This is the 'skinny' margarita recipe for the 'regular' gal.
  • 1 Lime
  • 1/4 cup Mixer such as triple sec- I like Baja Bob's Sugar Free
  • 1 shot Tequila- your preference, I'm using gold
  • 2 Cups Ice
I'm using a Ninja Blender in this recipe. You are fine using the blender of your choice as long as it can take ice.Slice your lime into quarters.Squeeze out the juice of your lime by hand . You can squeeze the lime quarters and then twist them to get the remaining juice out.Chop up one of the rinds to add to the mix. Add ice to the blender.If you are using a Ninja, I use the 48 ounce Multi-Serve container.Add your remaining ingredients- including the chopped lime rind.individually.Press Auto-iQ BLEND (Ninja users). Other blenders may vary, use the setting on yours that is for frozen beveragesThe Ninja will stop when it thinks the beverage is ready. If you are using another brand blender, go by the specifications of that blender. Optional- serve with one of your remaining lime rinds or a fresh slice.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 1 serving

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  1. It sounds like a cool, refreshing drink without the added calories! Very nice!

  2. If I make one, do you think I can convince myself it's still Summer?? I'd give it a try, lol.

  3. Yum! Happy New Year from New Zealand!

  4. Sounds amazing without all the calories I'll try one soon. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This looks so delicious! I could definitely go for one of these right now :)

  6. I've never had a a drink like, much less make one - but how easy - and sugar free - ohh I want to try this!

  7. This drink looks delicious and I would go for the sugar free variety.



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