Locals informed us that the burgers were sensational! Travels with Beth and Jake


Sometimes, the best burgers can come from the little hole-in-the-wall kinds of places.

Recently, we were traveling through the county-side and stumbled upon a small restaurant that had a line out the door.
We stopped to check it out.

Locals informed us that the burgers were sensational!

We could not resist a burger that only costs us $1.20 and fries for 85 cents.

There was nothing fancy with this burger joint- which is what we would have expected considering the location and prices.

 Was the burger good?

It really was!
I liked how juicy the burger tasted. The bun was fresh and soft- which makes a burger even better. I had mine with some American cheese.

Tiny hamburger shop in the middle of nowhere. No seating, tiny (but packed!) waiting area, and even a little pick up window! (Just Hamburgers • Paxton, IL)

We love our travels!!

Jake and Beth

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  1. The locals always know! I grew up in Somerset, KY, & there was always a line down the street to get to Holsomback's burgers! They were a small, local joint that made slider type burgers decades before anyone ever heard of White Castle! The place was so small (about 3 tables) that they took orders at the window. People ordered bags full at a time!

  2. when you go in to a little town out the way you ussulaly can find good eat and then the burger and fie



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