How to Make Your Pumpkin Last Longer


Have you ever had a pumpkin go bad just after you carved it?

That has happened to me before. What a pain. Pumpkins aren't always cheap and it can take a bit time to carve them. Nobody wants to see their pumpkin go bad after carving it.

How to Make Your Pumpkin Last Longer

Halloween can be a bit of time away and if you are like me, you probably don't want to have to go out and buy another pumpkin to carve.

My best tips for keeping your pumpkin around.

  • When choosing a pumpkin, be sure to examine it closely for bruising, cuts, soft-spots or possible breakdown on the underside.

  • When you bring your pumpkin home, be sure to to wipe it down, removing any dirt or other organisms that may be on it.

  • Wait until within a week before Halloween to actually carve your pumpkin if possible.

  • Make a spray of 1/2 tablespoon of bleach to 1/2 gallon of water. Spray your pumpkin (especially the underside) andvallow to dry. Do this to clean your pumpkin when you bring it home and after you have carved it. Keep your solution away from children.

  • Keep a carved pumpkin mold-free by continuing to spray it with your solution.

  • Got pumpkin smashers in your neighborhood? Cover your outdoor pumpkins with a bit of petroleum jelly to dissuade possible pumpkin smashers. (ask my neighbor's kid about this one... )

  • Rub a bit of petroleum jelly over the cut edges of your pumpkin as well to keep them in good shape.

  • Keep your pumpkin out of the sun and in a cool place- avoid freezing.

  • If your carved pumpkin looks like it is starting to go bad fill a large bucket with cold water and a tablespoon of bleach and place your pumpkin in it for 8-10 hours to re-hydrate.

  • Consider purchasing a commercial pumpkin preserver product and following it's directions or placing a silica package inside of the pumpkin (remove when you light a candle and keep away from kids and pets)

  • Yum


  1. Thanks for this info. I sure will be doing this for our pumpkins.

  2. One thing that I've actually started to do is draw or paint on the faces rather than carve! They last so much longer & you can do so many more looks (if you're like me & aren't very skilled at carving, lol.) If you want that candle in the pumpkin look, save one to carve for just before Halloween.

  3. I still need to get pumpkins for Halloween! I'll try these tips on them.

  4. We live near Houston, TX and it is still so hot and humid at Halloween that pumpkins don't fare well. We carve ours the day of, or day before Halloween, and they usually don't make it 2 days outside before the wilting starts and the mold begins. I'll definitely try that solution though, thanks! =)



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